we've moved!


i've moved locations!

i'm now blogging over at seam sew swell!

my shop seam sew swell relaunched today as well!

hope to talk to you soon.

love, victoria



1. i now own an iPhone 4S.
2. instagram is pretty fun.
3. chest colds are the worst.
4. hot tea with lemon & honey.
5. popsicles!


big picture farm

i've been waiting excitedly for this package to come in the mail all week. this wonderful wooden gift box is from big picture farm: a vermont goat dairy & farmstead confectionary. it's filled with goat milk caramels (sea salt/vanilla and chai) & goat-or-doodles. seriously, my taste buds are in heaven. you may want to do yourself a favor and head on over to their online shop and fill your cart with pounds and pounds of caramels. can i just move to the east coast already?


gifts from solvang

tuesday i'll be turning 25. kind of a big deal. i think i'm suffering from a quarter life crisis. but i digress. my sister, mom and i drove up the coast to solvang (because apparently i am a creature of habit) to celebrate. there was a bike race going on so there were 4,500+ bicyclists running children and elderly people over. or maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but still... it was packed.

there were a few things i wanted to do while in solvang... visit the organic farm stand, thrift shop, and eat. i think i did all 3 justice. i came home with so many pretties. lots of quilting fabric, a tiny wire basket, an extra long wire basket, a creamer for my mom, and glass knobs... because i decided that i needed to start another collection.

off topic, i've really been wanting to make a quilt from start to finish. especially now that my scrap fabric stash is growing. i just can't decide on the design!

so anyways, do tell what you guys have been up to this weekend, i want to know! sorry, did that sound too pushy?



oh, hello. it's been too long. just checking in to let you know what's been going on.

1. i'm on twitter now.
2. i've had a job for a year this month.
3. i accidentally deleted the wrong email account. which deleted my original blog. thankfully i transferred it over to my new email right before the tragic event. but i lost all of the blogs that i follow. :(
4. i'm going to be an auntie... for the first time!

i'm sure there's much more going on, but this is all that my brain can muster up at the moment. i've missed my blog friends! what's new with you!?


saturday market


i've been looking forward to saturday mornings. walking through the crowded farmers market, filling my basket with fresh whole foods. getting sweet compliments from strangers. planning a weeks worth of meals on the spot. spending time with my mom and sister. coming home and preparing the simple tasty meals. it's a good feeling.


book nerd


i'm becoming quite the bookworm lately. i'm poring over books that have any relation to homesteading, small scale farms, self-sufficiency, you name it. these were probably my favorite christmas gifts (and my bolga basket)! i also purchased some bookmarks, postcards, and photographs sometime before christmas, that i love.

1. growing a farmer
2. farm anatomy
3. whip up mini quilts
4. maryjane's ideabook, cookbook, lifebook
5. him + her designs

what have you been splurging on lately?


hello, new year

here's to a healthier new year!


christmas day - what just happened?


exchanging gifts in the wee hours of the morning, consuming the most delicious breakfast ever, 17 people in one living room, more gift exchanging, babies first christmas, planning out tomorrow's shopping adventure, back for an even more delicious dinner, which then led to 4 grown adults sprawled out on the living room floor in a food coma. now i'm sitting in my mom's bed watching how the grinch stole christmas. it really is the little things, folks. merry christmas!

{last picture stolen from my sister, liz}