1. i now own an iPhone 4S.
2. instagram is pretty fun.
3. chest colds are the worst.
4. hot tea with lemon & honey.
5. popsicles!


big picture farm

i've been waiting excitedly for this package to come in the mail all week. this wonderful wooden gift box is from big picture farm: a vermont goat dairy & farmstead confectionary. it's filled with goat milk caramels (sea salt/vanilla and chai) & goat-or-doodles. seriously, my taste buds are in heaven. you may want to do yourself a favor and head on over to their online shop and fill your cart with pounds and pounds of caramels. can i just move to the east coast already?


gifts from solvang

tuesday i'll be turning 25. kind of a big deal. i think i'm suffering from a quarter life crisis. but i digress. my sister, mom and i drove up the coast to solvang (because apparently i am a creature of habit) to celebrate. there was a bike race going on so there were 4,500+ bicyclists running children and elderly people over. or maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but still... it was packed.

there were a few things i wanted to do while in solvang... visit the organic farm stand, thrift shop, and eat. i think i did all 3 justice. i came home with so many pretties. lots of quilting fabric, a tiny wire basket, an extra long wire basket, a creamer for my mom, and glass knobs... because i decided that i needed to start another collection.

off topic, i've really been wanting to make a quilt from start to finish. especially now that my scrap fabric stash is growing. i just can't decide on the design!

so anyways, do tell what you guys have been up to this weekend, i want to know! sorry, did that sound too pushy?