book nerd


i'm becoming quite the bookworm lately. i'm poring over books that have any relation to homesteading, small scale farms, self-sufficiency, you name it. these were probably my favorite christmas gifts (and my bolga basket)! i also purchased some bookmarks, postcards, and photographs sometime before christmas, that i love.

1. growing a farmer
2. farm anatomy
3. whip up mini quilts
4. maryjane's ideabook, cookbook, lifebook
5. him + her designs

what have you been splurging on lately?


  1. i just got a new book too - The Organic Family Cookbook by Anni Daulter. I think you would like it too.

  2. that's too funny, i just added that book to my amazon wish list a few weeks ago!

  3. Books about starting seeds, saving seeds, and root cellars! Cracks me up. Some of these are ones I own, others are library loans. We're broke...not Christmas gifts for mama this year, but the kids were so pleased with their loot...so I guess that was my splurge!

  4. I adore books! Farm Anatomy is on my list :)

  5. Looks like a fun list of books! Completely different than these, but I'm reading Bossypants right now. So far, so good!

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