banning mansion


today a group of us went to visit the banning mansion. the last time i was there i hadn't yet developed my love for old things. they had their holiday festivities going on... costumes, dancing, caroling, and santa! they weren't giving tours but still letting everyone do a quick walk through. the bathtub in the bathroom addition was making me drool, and i couldn't keep my eyes off the crazy quilts in each bedroom. the butlers pantry and "modern kitchen" were wonderful too! we weren't allowed to take pictures inside but the barn out back was fair game. we'll have to make it back soon and take the tour so i can refresh my memory on the history.

*thank you again for all the prayers for eric! you're all so amazing and kind. he's still quite swollen and hasn't been able to open his eyes, but he's alert, baby talking it up, and laughing at his momma and daddy! can't wait to see his sweet face.


  1. I could live there, I may life there( in a space like that) when my kids are grown. How lovely...~ Barefoot mama

  2. Pretty, pretty! There was a time when I didn't love old things nearly as much as I do now, too. ;)

  3. Oh, my. There's so much to look at! I could wander around there for ages. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oi!
    Seu blog é tão gostozinho!
    Amei mesmo!!!
    Bjinhu e bom fds!!!