september treasures

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our cheap thrills journey begins in the thrift stores of solvang. i spotted these cotton scraps all bundled up together and grabbed them immediately. of course my favorite print is the one covered in cute little farm animals - pigs, chickens, cows... how could i resist. they will definitely be finding a home in a patchwork quilt in the future. i also picked up an embroidered hankie (which i'm starting to collect... another collection).

the rummage sale/bazaar at the retirement home was something else, they were practically giving stuff away. came away with a wine crate, frying basket, the tiniest hand painted egg cup, heart cake pans, and a little tin for a whopping $1.25... you almost felt guilty walking away with it! they assured us that they just wanted to get rid of it.

and lastly, the antique street fair that goes on once a month. we visited our favorite ladies' booths and came away with something from all of them. i found an old grain sack, a meat thermometer, a teaspoon, some large wooden salad servers, and a couple of other goodies. i cannot pass up the $1 tables, they just make me so happy inside.

oh, the plans i have for these treasures... what have you been thrifting lately?



what i've been up to lately.

ps. the gal with the camera is my sister, the tall lanky one is our 15 year old cousin and i'm the shaky filmer. ;)