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i could have listened to her talk about her prize winning pumpkins all day.
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sunday we grabbed the keys and headed up north to our home away from home - solvang. we love it there, so much. the gorgeous back roads, farm stands, grazing animals... it's perfect there. we had a chat with the goats, filled our bags with vegetables and raw honey, picked some flowers, talked to the cows... more like bothered them, marveled at the family of deer, picked up boxes full of peaches and strawberries, made a visit to the apple farm - the gala apples were ready... and oh so good, split two burgers four ways, filled our tummies with danishes and ice cream, thrifted a bit, and did lots of walking around town. the 4 hour traffic on the way home was almost worth it... almost. ;)

some of these pictures were taken by my sister liz, thanks to her for letting me use them!

have you guys been on any day trips lately?


  1. Hey where was my invite!!!

    Apart from the bad ass traffic it sounds like something we'd do on weekend of the last month of summer.

    For us though it's still winter.....but spring is only weeks away!!

  2. I love your photos Victoria. Truly crisp and beautiful every single time.

  3. These photos make me long for a day trip... must remedy that soon and head for the hills.