Picture 37
just some bits and pieces from my weekend.
*our little sunflower has bloomed, the honey bees are enjoying it.
*said sunflower reminded me of the one our grandma planted for my sister and i in 1991. how funny are my sunglasses?
*a watermelon showed up out of nowhere! it's the largest any of them have gotten. i'm curious to see what happens.
*baked an apple pie with my momma last night with our apple farm galas, it's already gone. we cheated on the lattice.
*we sweated to death at the antique fair this morning. but i came home with some treasures, juice glasses, jewelry pieces, old photographs, and an old measuring cup. $11 well spent.
what did you guys do this weekend? i'd love to know!

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  1. That photo with the sunglasses is funny enough I made a little snorting noise :) This weekend I cleaned up the garden a bit, fed all my fruiting plants some bone meal fertilizer, made a huge batch of enchiladas to freeze and picked lots of blackberries and huckleberries (also to freeze!). I can feel fall nearing. I start to get like a little squirrel, storing and preparing and cleaning things up.