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just some bits and pieces from my weekend.
*our little sunflower has bloomed, the honey bees are enjoying it.
*said sunflower reminded me of the one our grandma planted for my sister and i in 1991. how funny are my sunglasses?
*a watermelon showed up out of nowhere! it's the largest any of them have gotten. i'm curious to see what happens.
*baked an apple pie with my momma last night with our apple farm galas, it's already gone. we cheated on the lattice.
*we sweated to death at the antique fair this morning. but i came home with some treasures, juice glasses, jewelry pieces, old photographs, and an old measuring cup. $11 well spent.
what did you guys do this weekend? i'd love to know!



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i could have listened to her talk about her prize winning pumpkins all day.
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sunday we grabbed the keys and headed up north to our home away from home - solvang. we love it there, so much. the gorgeous back roads, farm stands, grazing animals... it's perfect there. we had a chat with the goats, filled our bags with vegetables and raw honey, picked some flowers, talked to the cows... more like bothered them, marveled at the family of deer, picked up boxes full of peaches and strawberries, made a visit to the apple farm - the gala apples were ready... and oh so good, split two burgers four ways, filled our tummies with danishes and ice cream, thrifted a bit, and did lots of walking around town. the 4 hour traffic on the way home was almost worth it... almost. ;)

some of these pictures were taken by my sister liz, thanks to her for letting me use them!

have you guys been on any day trips lately?



i finally got around to sewing my produce bags, i just need to find some string for them. i took them to the farmer's market yesterday and they worked great! it gave me such a good feeling to be filling my fabric bags with all of this organic, farm fresh food instead of plastic bags. as each day passes i'm going to try and be more mindful of the plastic i bring into the house, and avoid it as much is possible. also, last night my mom and i baked a chocolate zucchini cake and it turned out so good. you should definitely try it! well, it's back to the grind tomorrow. this book is truly an inspiration. happy weekending, everyone!



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we've had some sneaky zucchini grow the size of arms recently. today i finally got around to frying some for the first time and it went wonderfully. i just used a simple egg/flour batter and fried them 'til they were nice and crispy. we'll have to make another batch soon.