i walked outside to check on the garden this morning and found what looked like a dandelion forest. it sure was a beautiful sight. i'm glad i took a few pictures because the gardeners mowed it all away shortly after.

we went to farmer's market this morning to pick up some strawberries and a few vegetables. while we were walking through i spotted a table covered in gorgeous jars filled with honey, some even had honeycomb in it. i'm almost finished reading honeybee so i've had honey, beeswax, and anything bee related on my mind lately. so of course when i saw all of this local raw honey i got very excited. i brought home a pound of beeswax for lip balms and salves and some honey sticks to try. the one pictured is cinnamon honey, i also tried watermelon honey. i'm forming a very serious addiction. i would love to have several of my own hives one day.


  1. Mmm, I love honey! My mom does as well and will only buy Jersey honey.

    I have a friend who's plans are to have many beehives and he promises me he'll send me a few honeycombs when he does.

    I am LOVING your pictures!

  2. Beeswax is so beautiful. And the smell, oh my, maybe one of my absolute favorite smells. I have a huge jar of raw honey that was a gift from my brother. I am afraid to open it though, since it will take us a lifetime to eat it! We don't have big sweet tooths, but I suppose I could use it more medicinally.

  3. One of my favorite things to get at the market! I put beeswax on everything, and can't get enough for my lips!