today was a nice day off spent in the garden and visiting with my grandparents. my mom and i did a little bit of weeding and gave the soil a nice water soaking. my lonely sunflower seems to be growing very nicely. someone, i believe my grandpa, made a little rock border around it so the gardeners wouldn't mow over it.

i'm adoring the many, many watermelon flowers that are blooming. there's still only one melon growing, we'll just have to wait and see if any others will follow!

there she is. the very first tomato of the season. so, i may have picked it just a little too soon, it's new residence is on the windowsill in the kitchen. many more tomatoes are turning red, over night it seems. thanks to my mom for hand modeling. i was snapping away when i had said "i need a pretty background or something." and in a hilariously sly way, my mom moves the tomato in front of her face.

todays zucchini and cucumber harvest. for some wonky looking cucumber, they sure are good! we snacked on some slices with goat cheese on top, delicious. note to self: do not let mother plant 3 extra zucchini plants next year just to fill space.

i finished the afternoon off with some tea, leftover spice cake (from my grandpa's 77th birthday last night) and a great new read (to me), keeping chickens with ashley english. it's amazing so far.


  1. Your images are stunning- they are so vibrant and pretty looking. Also- they spin my taste buds, oh how I adore the flavors of fresh vegetables.


    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  2. Yay for tomatoes! The cake looks delicious. I have the Ashley English chicken book too and love it! I want to get her book on beekeeping too, which is something I think I want to try next year, although honestly the thought of that makes me a wee bit nervous.

    Beautiful post, as always!