something other than a zucchini!?
i don't think i can begin to tell you how excited i am about the first tomato turning red. and knowing that hundreds more are on the way... bliss.

on a side note. i just wanted to say that each and every comment & email i get from you guys make me so happy! i'm so inspired by your blogs and love that there are so many like-minded people out there. okay, i'm finished getting all mushy on you.


  1. Every summer I give special treatment to the first and then the last of my tomatoes. It a simple tradition but I can't help but do it every year!

    On toasted bread with fresh basil, tomato, goats cheese and olive oil. Bliss indeed!

    CONGRATS on the first reddy for the season

  2. that sounds so delicious! i need to try that combo as soon as those tomatoes are ready.

  3. Wow, you are a lot further along than we are. No red here yet. It is so exciting to see things ripening, isn't it?

  4. it really is exciting. this is only my second year growing vegetables but i don't think i'll ever tire of watching seed turn into food.