it's been a busy weekend. where to start... baby eric was born friday night, 8 pounds 4 ounces, 19.5 inches. i only got to see him for a few minutes that night but my sister went yesterday and got a few pictures. i stole these from her blog. he is the cutest little thing! we haven't had a baby in the family for 11 years so you can imagine how ecstatic everyone is.
yesterday i had a little hair color transformation. not bleach blonde anymore, going the more natural blonde route. i'm pretty dark right now, but i like it. maybe i'll snap a picture soon.
Picture 7
cody bought me some birthday books at my request ;) which came in the mail yesterday! i've flipped through them all, i can't wait to read them and make and grow things.
Picture 8
now i'm sitting in the kitchen relaxing while the rain continues to pour. i love it. how has your guys' weekend been? tell me, i really want to know!

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