it's been a busy weekend. where to start... baby eric was born friday night, 8 pounds 4 ounces, 19.5 inches. i only got to see him for a few minutes that night but my sister went yesterday and got a few pictures. i stole these from her blog. he is the cutest little thing! we haven't had a baby in the family for 11 years so you can imagine how ecstatic everyone is.
yesterday i had a little hair color transformation. not bleach blonde anymore, going the more natural blonde route. i'm pretty dark right now, but i like it. maybe i'll snap a picture soon.
Picture 7
cody bought me some birthday books at my request ;) which came in the mail yesterday! i've flipped through them all, i can't wait to read them and make and grow things.
Picture 8
now i'm sitting in the kitchen relaxing while the rain continues to pour. i love it. how has your guys' weekend been? tell me, i really want to know!



my 24th birthday was celebrated over the weekend! i was so excited to use my film camera that it took me 2 finished rolls to realize my light meter wasn't working. oops. i like to keep things low key when it comes to birthdays, so it was spent with just the family. we went out to eat quite a few times, of course. and did a little antiquing too.



Picture 18
Picture 13
Picture 15 Picture 16
Picture 14
we threw/attended a baby shower over the weekend for baby eric and his momma. consumed lots of delicious finger foods and desserts, awed at the sweetest, tiniest baby clothes, and played silly baby shower games.



so i just noticed that all of my pictures on here are turning into a pixelated mess. i'm not sure if it's noticeable to you guys? i guess i can't upload to tinypic anymore, how irritating. now i'm wondering if i should go back and upload them all over again. not something that sounds appealing on your day off.
this pie on the other hand, does look very appealing. i should really get my pentax out and start using film again.