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liz and i went to the farmer's market earlier this morning for some groceries. this man is usually here every week and entertains people with his unique music. he grabbed the attention of this cute little boy, who stood there quietly hanging on to every word. the minute he finished his song the boy clapped for him. and how cute is his mini shopping cart with potatoes?
Picture 7
i may have convinced her to buy some kettle corn on our way out. actually we had already passed it altogether, but it smelled way too good to leave behind! we finished it by noon with the help of our brother.
Picture 6
Picture 14
we brought home loads of fruit and vegetables, we'll be cooking lots of yummy dinners this week.
Picture 13
the lettuce is for salads and the potatoes will be roasted with garlic and butter. i'm going to buy a mandoline for my birthday in a couple weeks so we can make our own potato chips.
Picture 17
asparagus is one of her favorites, we'll probably just steam that and have it with roasted potatoes. we also got sweet potatoes to try making sweet potato fries for the first time. that mandoline would be coming in handy again.
Picture 16
the carrots will be eaten raw or steamed, maybe roasted.
Picture 12
the small bag kettle corn is only $2, you can't beat that. and actually there was so much overflowing it was really like two small bags. we crave this stuff.
Picture 9
i spotted the heart shaped potato in the bag and it was obvious that that was the bag we were getting. the weather was really nice and it wasn't too crowded. we made our way up and down the long isle at least three times so we could see everything. i love that we're able to support local farmers. i was so surprised at how much organic farmers were there, last year there was probably only one or two. i'm getting very excited for this springs bigger vegetable garden!

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