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last friday we celebrated my grandparents 56th wedding anniversary, they were married january 14, 1955. my grandma shared a few sweet things about her special day:

*she was 16 and he was 20.
*aunt margaret took her to long beach to buy her her wedding dress. they didn't have anymore in white so she purchased this light blue one, it was $12.99
*aunt margaret told her "if you're married in blue, you'll always be true."
*a man that lived in the house over owned a nursery. he brought over a box of orchids which she made her own corsage with.
*aunt dessie made their wedding cake.
*they were married at their pastors house friday night, came back to her mother's house for cake, coffee, and punch, and afterwards they went to cinco de mayo for mexican food.
*she regrets not having grandpa wear his uniform, he bought a new suit. she didn't think about it until after the fact.

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this was taken friday afternoon while we were out to lunch. sometimes we just crave a chick-fil-a sandwich. ;)

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