first roll

last christmas my sister gifted me a pentax k1000. i've been having so much fun using it. after about 5 or 6 rolls piled up i finally had one developed, and boy was i disappointed haha. i obviously have no idea what i'm doing. and i thought i was doing a good job reading the manual. ooh well, i have lots to learn! here are a handful...

sooo what did you guys do this weekend?!


  1. These photographs are LOVELY!!! I just had a lazy weekend at home, it was nice!

  2. Love the lemon shot!

    It's hard! Try not to get discouraged, it takes a lot of practice! Last semester I took a black & white film photography course at school, it was so much work! I have been shooting digital for years and years and it was really challenging for me to accept that getting 6-10 good shots on a roll of 36 is fantastic. I'm glad I took it though, I think it was a good exercise to learn how to develop film in the darkroom myself and see the practices that we can now "photoshop"! :) Good luck and keep shooting!