duvet covers

wouldn't it be fun to make your own duvet covers? you could make as many as you wanted and switch them out whenever you pleased. design*sponge has a tutorial they just put up showing you how.

{photo via: design*sponge}


flower frogs

recent obsession: flower frogs. i'll take 100, please. you can find a ton here.
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mason jar soap dispenser

cutest thing i've seen in awhile, the mason jar soap dispenser. there are two etsy shops that carry them: midwest finds and post road vintage. if you're feeling crafty you can even make one yourself, tutorial here. no more tacky plastic soap dispensers!
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[photos from: apartment therapy and midwest finds}

reusable paper towels

i'm always looking for ways to save money and be a little more eco-friendly. many of you might already have alternatives for paper towels but we don't yet. i found this etsy shop that sells paper towel replacements called bird-e towels. you won't have to buy paper towels again! just toss these in the laundry and keep reusing them. for more reusable paper towels click here.
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{via: birch bark soap}


happy weekend!

tomorrow is my birthday! twenty-three. yikes. i'm having a two day celebration. tonight we're having a turkey dinner with my family, and my grandma's making her famous chocolate peanut butter cake. yum. tomorrow i have plans with lori and liz. not a huge production, nice and low key. i hope you all have a great weekend!
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{photo from: i'm not sure where i found this photo, let me know if you do!}


loup charmant

while browsing the interwebs last night i came across this dress from loup charmant and almost cried. it was just the other day that i was blabbing about finding that special dream dress. i went from "ooh! i think i just found my dress!" two seconds later... "noo! why do i have to be so poor!?" maybe they'll still have it in a few months. *crosses fingers*

{via: frolic!}


happy weekend!

my wonderful aunt gave me permission to plant a vegetable garden in her backyard this year! so this weekend i plan on prepping the soil. my grandpa thinks 20 x 20' will be good enough for my first time. ooh i can't wait! i just need to make some final decisions on what i want to plant. this amazing book has been helping me a ton! what are you guys doing this weekend?
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{photo from: please sir}


dream dress

will i ever find the white gauze dress of my dreams? with 3/4 sleeves? that seems to be my problem. none have 3/4 sleeves. or the hem is too short. ooh it's killing me! summer is so close and i will die if i have to wear jeans everyday, DIE!
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{photo from: wild_flowers}